How do I Process An Order Through the NZ Plumbing Supplies Website?

Ordering off the NZ Plumbing Website is easy!
  1. Go to the top left hand corner of the page and click on the Customer Login button and complete your personal details.
  2. Browse the NZ Plumbing Supplies website using the navigation pane on the left to find the products you are needing to order. Alternatively use the search bar at the top of the webpage.
  3. Change the quantity to the right amount needed, if there are any other options for this product, eg. colour or size... select the correct one then click the Buy Now button. This automatically drops this item into your shopping cart.
  4. Once you have finished shopping, click checkout at the bottom of your shopping cart.
  5. Check your personal details and click the submit order button.
  6. This will take you to our secure payment system. Please follow the prompts to make payment through Paypal using your PayPal account or your Credit Card.
Remember, if you have any enquiries or questions we are here to help. Email: Enjoy shopping at NZ Plumbing Supplies we look forward to hearing from you!


Are there any freight charges on the website?

Yes see standard rates below:

North of Auckland - $12.50
North Island - $15.00
South Island - $20.00

If your delivery address is very rural, please contact us for pricing.
Please enter your correct region (north auckland, North Island, South Island) so we can ensure faster handling of you order and delivery to the correct address.
What is the Estimated Time of Arrival for items ordered on the website?
The time of arrival on goods ordered on the website really vary on the nature of the product but from payment clearing our standard eta is 1-4 working days.
The DWV, buteline, tools, novaflo, rural pipe and some bathroomware are all standard products and would be delivered within 1-4 working days. Some non-stocked items may take a couple of days to order in.
For the tanks, the ETA on these varies slightly with the season. For an up to date eta please email us the size and colour you would like and we can check on availability for you.
Shipping to extremely rural address's may take slightly longer as we do have to work in with the couriers in the area.
NZ Plumbing Supplies ships direct from the main centres to ensure we can get the items you need, to you in the shortest time possible.

Is Alkathene measured by Inside Diameter ID or Outside Diameter OD?

Alkathene is measured using ID and the Hansen and Anka fittings are the correct ones to use with the Alkathene LDPE pipe.
Could you give me some tank installation tips please??

Ensure that the tank site is flat and level, free from rocks or stones etc… or any foreign matter that may damage the tanks base.

Ensure tank site is well compacted, if fill is used to prepare or level the site.

Ensure that the tank site is at least 300mm larger in diameter than the tank.

Ensure a flexible hose is installed after the gate or ball valve with a mom 300mm length.

If a sand fill base is used, a retaining cover must be provide to prevent sand from washing away after installation i.e. Tank base must remain fully supported at all times.

Secure tank on delivery either by tying own rope or by putting at least 200mm of water in the bottom of the tank.

Tank outlet mist note be subjected to extra forces e.g., over tightening of fittings.

Overflow must be piped clear of base to avoid erosion.

The number of inlet pipes, their sizes and capacities must equal the number of overflow pipe, their size and capacities.

Do not allow the tanks site to deteriorate after installation due to any form of erosion or site destruction caused by vermin such as rabbits.